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ACCSES Members Deliver Strong Message on Value of Sheltered Workshops

Days are numbered for ‘sheltered workshops’

Three women start Albany walk for Production Unlimited

Another Voice: State must help workers in challenging fields

Some Aren’t Happy with Sheltered Workshop Proposal

After pressure from residents, clients, and officials, state reconsiders closing sheltered workshops (Watertown Daily Times)

Uphold the Berry Amendment (SourceAmerica)

Advocates Fight To Keep Sheltered Workshops For Workers With Disabilities

Feds take aim at Sheltered Workshops

State plan to phase out sheltered workshops is ill advised

Senator Cathy Young Introduces Legislation to Increase Employment Opportunities for the Developmentally Disabled

Read a Letter from Marc Brandt, NYSARC’s Executive Director

Rhode Island Settles Case on Jobs for the Disabled

Sheltered workshops for the disabled win big reprieve in Massachusetts

A Whole New World for Workers with Disabilities

The Resource Center Honors Senator Catharine Young with Community Service Award