Welcome to the Employment Coalition of Western New York!

There is an immediate crisis in New York State facing people with disabilities, especially those with intellectual and developmental disabilities.  Unless our collective advocacy efforts are heard and responded to by our New York State elected official and Administration, traditional Skill Development Centers and Work Centers will be eliminated over the next 6 years.

There is agreement among funders, advocates and providers that integrated employment at prevailing wages is ideal for everyone with a disability. While the Federal and State governments have embraced this concept as a desired end result, they have not created any tangible, positive options to reach this goal. Rather, they seem determined to eliminate Work Centers, an employment option that was developed over the previous decades by families and service providers. Work Centers have provided meaningful and satisfying employment to thousands of individuals with disabilities in New York State. We cannot idly sit by and watch this critical employment option be taken away!

We need your support!  Please explore our web site to learn more about the issues and to find out how you can help advocate for positive change!  Thank you!